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Navigate Mind, Body and Self. 
                At Scale.

An Enterprise Personalized Digital Health and Real-World Evidence (RWE) Platform for Clinical Neurosciences, Psychology, and Emerging  Therapeutics (Cannabis, Psychedelics, Nootropics).

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"NAVIGESIA offers a multilingual clinical data platform that remotely engages patients to gather information, enhance workflow, and drive personalized therapeutics across medicine and psychology, for clinical research trials or traditional office encounters."
​                                                              - Dr. Ketan Patel, CEO/Founder

Specialty Clinical Care   •   Research   •   Education   •   Health Empowerment   •   Media & Commerce

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Despite success in the retail/recreational markets, the global medical cannabis industry still falls short on quality clinical research, standardized consultations,  data-driven strain & dose recommendations,  and long-term outcomes tracking. Not to mention, it fails on post-sale, client engagement, necessary to drive recurring interactions.

Health & Wellness

Pressure-tested in some of North America's largest specialty health institutions (since 2014), we have deep experience with digital patient engagement and in-office & remote collection of mission-critical clinical data. Learn how we can help your practice, clinic or hospital/health system launch (or perhaps an entire ecosystem: physician networks) and redefine "personalized medicine".


The field of psychedelic-assisted therapies is blossoming exponentially. High quality and rigorously tested tools in support of this field are still lacking. Structured baseline psychological assessments, risk scoring, and algorithmic compound & dosing selections, are just a few of the critical workflow improvements we offer. Learn how Navigesia is set on becoming the Psychedelic Information System powering retreats, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy providers, research centers, and large-scale community outcomes studies.

Media & Education

Achieving granular KYC (know-your-customer) information across social is virtually impossible. Most organizations provide generic eBooks and bland electronic pamphlets. See our take on this -- we can help fuel your data collection and media activities. From data-driven personalized eZines and interactive patient educational materials, we can bring a fresh perspective to high-trust and engaging media.

Clients & Experience:

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Unconventional Markets.
Unprecedented Results.

Born out of the frustration for collecting deep amounts of information within time-starved, busy clinical and research environments, the NAVIGESIA platform was designed to navigate the 'black box' that every unique client/patient encounter represents.

By focusing on the critical and most actionable information that drives workflow and reporting needs, the NAVIGESIA platform engages clients/patients across mobile, desktop, browser, or kiosks -- converting 50-90% of the conventional interactions to digital. This makes what you do more amenable to analysis, optimization, and automation.

Our unconventional approaches to information gathering is the foundational cornerstone for driving unprecedented breakthroughs in customer discovery... and results on your balance sheet. 

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