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Enterprise Digital Health and Real-World Evidence (RWE) Platform for the Cannabis Industry.


Remote Virtual Consultations

Complex first-time consultations in a premiere US specialty medical cannabis center are being sped up by 75% increasing data gathering throughput, visit efficiency, and quality.


Dosing and Inventory Matching Algorithms

We helped a client match their dosing guidance information to an inventory system; algorithmically increasing efficiency of suitable matches.

Personalized Patient Education

Data gathered during lengthy consultations is being converted into secondary patient educational guides. Personalizing their oil titration schedule helps keep the patient moving at a safe and predictable path towards optimal dosing.

Strain/Characteristics Selection

Match strains and experience characteristics with high fidelity creating a much more consistent recommendation experience.


eBudtender Kiosk

Self-serve and self-registration kiosks enhance representative-independent personalization throughout a store/lounge/showroom. Also available in mobile browser based tool initiated by QR Code.

Social Media Data Mining

A large international cannabis e-commerce site (with over 5 million followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) was able to successfully invite anonymous users (from social or webform) to share critical usage and preference information using an virtual cannabis consultation.

Individualized Client eZine

Develop high-impact, interactive personalized digital and print content in parallel with advertisements, promotional messaging, embedded e-commerce, and edutainment functions.


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