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Intention drives Innovation

"We stand for moral integrity in parallel with data integrity. We believe technology must be easy and elegant for all stakeholders. We care about efficiently growing wisdom to push the needle forward in these unconventional domains, all the while fostering responsible and ethical growth in light of the unknown."

     - NAVIGESIA Team

Dr. Ketan Patel



A seasoned frontline healthcare veteran (from ER/Trauma to Chronic Pain & Addiction Medicine) with a focus on technology-enabled clinical workflow hacking. He is passionate about the infusion of artificial intelligence/machine learning to health data.

Investing and leading global teams across a broad range of digital health and medtech solutions, Ketan brings a wealth of technology, clinical and startup growth experience to the NAVIGESIA team.

Fun Fact: Ketan is simultaneously preparing for his first IronMan & BurningMan events (he doesn't swim or dance very well... yet).​


Christopher Burgess




Building software for diverse and eclectic clients for over 30 years (ranging from startups to universities to the US military), Chris is always comfortable starting with a blank sheet of paper, and creating industry-shifting solutions, over and over again. Through his continuous challenging of the status quo, Chris has been instrumental in evolving the NAVIGESIA platform from being hyper-focused on a single specialty to an emerging pan-healthcare and cross-disciplinary technology. 

Fun Fact: Every year, Chris and his family choose to climb one of the world's highest mountain peaks together... that's his definition of a 'vacation'.

Chris Frey



Chris Frey has spent his career promoting and working on open platforms for the betterment of mankind through groundbreaking software. It is this philosophy that is woven into every line of code he supervises or creates.

He has had the distinction of working on and managing dozens of open source projects and continues to do so to this day.

Fun fact: in Chris’ spare time he is working on circumnavigating the globe on the FlightGear flight simulator (an open source project that Chris is also an active contributor).

Adam Davis



 With over 20 years experience building and managing digital & cloud infrastructure for mission-critical industries (healthcare, banking, transportation, logistics, and agriculture/cultivation), Adam brings an expansive solutions-oriented perspective to international information technology clients (large and small).

Adam routinely volunteers mentoring local startups in South Western Ontario.

Funfact: Nautically-minded, Adam takes a two-month marine trip with the family every year. If he stretches his legs at all on land, it's so he can ride his Harley.


Samantha Joksas



Starting as a clinical assistant out of college, Samantha absorbs new design and technology skills as fast as she absorbs new languages and cultures. Armed with training in human interaction and design, she is a constant creative force on the team, working with the developer team to build new usability features, onboard and empower client teams, while simultaneously testing and improving UI/UX across the NAVIGESIA platform. 

Funfact: Samantha is an adept lucid dreamer and one day aspires to retire from reality to enter a virtual realm full time. Until then, she is stuck building our dreamy software.


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