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Enterprise Digital Health and Real-World Evidence (RWE) Platform for the Clinical & Allied Healthcare and Wellness Industries.

Health & Wellness


Remote Virtual Consultations

Complex first-time pain management consultations in a top-tier US concierge medical  center led to a 30+ minute time saving for the specialty - per patient visit!


Powering the Largest Neurology Center in America

Being implemented across numerous locations, departments, and sub-specialty provider offices, the cloud-based NAVIGESIA platform was able to successfully integrate with an existing EMR without the need for costly switching or termination of legacy platforms - without any hardware costs. Through effective remote training and mentoring of a few resource staff within the client's organization, an efficient and immediate standing up of the NAVIGESIA environment was undertaken without complex on site consultants or trainers.

Mental Health Outcomes

Mental health assessments based on risk were sent and results collated by the intake team of a large specialty clinic. Autonomously closely monitor those patients with higher risk scores. Customized monitoring schedules allowed for a unique model for managing disease variability across the population.

Surgical/Procedure Consents

Interactive surgical/procedural consent forms involving a combination of read-only or interactive question/answer format consenting sections. This assured surgical team that the patient was truly informed and could quantifiably prove it (with a behind-the-scenes audit trail for the record).


Pain Management Follow-Ups

This rural pain clinic in Georgia, was able to implement our solution within 4 hours of training. They were able to collect and report multiple types of information for their pain specialist (mood scores, pain quantitative/qualitative scores, side effect reports, abuse surveillance, etc). With a great deal of his charting already documented and ready ahead of entering the exam room, he left the clinic early for the first time in years.

Telemedicine Support

With the powerful shift to virtual care due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we helped a large, multi-campus enterprise client move much of their consultation and follow-up inquiries to digital - vastly speeding up telehealth visits (phone/video) and ensuring improved data capture, and clinical note generation.

Natural Supplement Retail

We installed a walk-up interactive kiosk in a natural foods and supplement retail store with over 20,000 SKUs. General-to-Specific questioning helped to move clients from
"I don't really know what I want"
"these are my personal health goals so show me my best product options here".

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