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Nourish Curiosity.
Navigate Data-Driven Client Education.  

Enterprise Digital Health and Real-World Evidence (RWE) Platform Driving Improved Client Education and Patient Empowerment.

Media & Education


Patient Education and Ethical Advertising

Patients at this enterprise client are receiving personalized educational content with a display of internal marketing and advertisement messaging & announcements (new products, services, and office alerts). This keeps patient-related factual content off of browser-based portals which can fall victim to data-scrubbing and other opportunistic entities. 


Vitamin Handout

In combination with our retail supplement kiosk (see Health & Wellness case study), a goal-oriented vitamin handout was created to help serve as a trustworthy resource for patients and patrons at the Naturopathic retail store.

Relevant & Interactive Reports

Patient content customized to their past and current medical issues is relevant in an attention-starved world. We were able to embed active articles, physician messages, links, videos, and social media content directly onto patient specific reports.

eSommelier (drinq)

Currently in early-stage R&D developing an easily implemented A.I. & socially powered personalized drink (and food) selection. Patrons will be able to interact with a quick virtual sommelier experience and be directed to appropriate selections & pairing suggestions on local menu. Stay tuned on more details for beta site opportunities (seeking small and mid-sized restaurants, wine bars, and retailers).

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