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Media & Education


Patient Education and Ethical Advertising

Patients at this enterprise client are receiving personalized educational content with a display of internal marketing and advertisement messaging & announcements (new products, services, and office alerts). This keeps patient-related factual content off of browser-based portals which can fall victim to data-scrubbing and other opportunistic entities. 


Vitamin Handout

In combination with our retail supplement kiosk (see Health & Wellness case study), a goal-oriented vitamin handout was created to help serve as a trustworthy resource for patients and patrons at the Naturopathic retail store.

Wellness Podcast Support

In collaboration with a Global Top 1% podcast in the health & wellness space, the NAVIGESIA platform was leveraged to help build a "Virtual Biohacking Assistant" (VBA) so that followers could engage online in a far more meaningful and private way -- to share best practices and habits. In return, personalized biohacking content is shared immediately with users to help them pinpoint historical audio content matching their needs. Users also received unique product promotional discount codes to use at preferred vendors. This took podcast engagement to an entirely new level, and this is only the beginning. 


Relevant & Interactive Reports

Patient content customized to their past and current medical issues is relevant in an attention-starved world. We were able to embed active articles, physician messages, links, videos, and social media content directly onto patient specific reports.

eSommelier (drinq)

Currently in early-stage R&D developing an easily implemented A.I. & socially powered personalized drink (and food) selection. Patrons will be able to interact with a quick virtual sommelier experience and be directed to appropriate selections & pairing suggestions on local menu. Stay tuned on more details for beta site opportunities (seeking small and mid-sized restaurants, wine bars, and retailers).