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A Powerful Neurosciences Operating System within an App.

"Our technology architecture and data methods completely set us apart from conventional electronic medical record systems, and typical digital patient-engagement tools out there. NAVIGESIA was coded with the ultimate programming language:  Passion."

- Chris Burgess, CTO/Founder

Clinician-Equivalent A.I.
Deploy Complicated eConsultations

Our Artificial-Intelligence driven remote virtual consultation modules offer a personalized patient experience, on their own devices, with a specialist-level of clinical acumen. The resulting documentation and real-world insights help save immense amounts of time and energy in pre-intake/intake assessments.

We continually get high-fives from happy clinicians and administrators alike. Why?  Because clinicians spend more time in natural face-face interactions again, and far less time charting (i.e. they are going home sooner each night).


Any Surface - Any Time 
Device, Platform, and Hardware Agnostic

Gone are the days when an application will run on a single operating system or hardware. NAVIGESIA has been created to be deployed across Android, Apple, Desktop browser, or on stand-alone kiosks in health environments.  This is truly the medical clipboard 2.0.

Manage what you Measure
Quantifiable Outcomes/Insights. Always.

The NAVIGESIA platform helps teams collect quantifiable information for the purposes of building the best real-world representations for clinical stories and journeys.
From baseline assessments to longitudinal tracking, no question or clinical query is out of reach.

Our advanced behind-the-scenes algorithms help score and codify your information (even when deliberately qualitative or descriptive). This helps bring clinical measurement and management into the same sentence.


Security. Period.
High Level of Data Privacy & Compliancy

Every organization handling the precious and private data of its clients has exactly ZERO tolerance when it comes to security and protection. NAVIGESIA goes well beyond HIPAA compliancy and security measures to ensure you and your organization won't be an unfortunate news headline one day. 

Perhaps most reassuring is that data ownership rests with our users. We are not (now or ever) in the business of selling your private and trusted information. 



Multi-dimensional Data Streaming and Algorithms

We don't know what we/you don't know. Many data platforms in the market today offer you highly delineated, poorly customizable offerings that give you no leeway. We start with the premise that as neuroscience evolves faster than the technology meant to describe it, users must have the ability to build queries and represent what they are seeing in ways that can be studied further, and in novel ways.

Our algorithm editor kernel offers this advantage, light years ahead of our competition. Imagine having the ability to look at EEG and other cognitive biometric data alongside phenotype information!
           (Wait,... NAVIGESIA clients are already able to)

Scale from Solo to Clinic... to Health System

Whether you are a solo practitioner, part-time researcher, e-commerce vendor, or large multi-location health system, Navigesia was architected with growth and scale in mind. Same great software for every level.

As the industry  grows rapidly via network expansions (in many cases, due to mergers and acquisitions of many independent clinics and practices), NAVIGESIA serves as both an immediate interoperability platform, as well as a long-term replacement for many legacy systems and/or subsystems. 

Attractive Reports/eZines/Summaries

Why does Brand get sacrificed in the process of digital engagement?  Creating visually stunning and engaging personalized content is the best way to represent and share the clinical insights, not only for clients but for providers and other care team members. 

Our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) report builders gives you desktop publishing quality tools at your fingertips so that your creativity is unhindered.

(...even if what you need is to auto-generate an eye-popping insurance Prior Authorization form, or a super sexy State medical cannabis recommendation)

Marketing Team Within
Campaign Manager

With the power to digitize interactions with patients and clients, comes the ability to run sophisticated campaigns and outreach programs driven by data, or trends spotted within these layers of data.

Our campaign manager gives the administrative user unprecedented ability to convert clinical answers into unique education and media programs. From public health initiatives (influenza and vaccine reminders) to focused outreach related to products/services, this interactive module gives a welcome new dimension in interaction uncommon in healthcare.


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