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SyTrue Fixes Healthcare’s Broken Search Button

SySearch™ helps health systems and payors accurately search and collect clinical insights across complex datasets and unstructured narrative medical records.

NAVIGESIA: Personalized Medicine Data Platform for Clinical Neurosciences and Emerging Therapeutics (Cannabis, Psychedelics, Nootropics)

NAVIGESIA, a personalized medicine software company expands their real-world data tools for clinical neurology and psychology industries, supporting patient management with psychoactive compounds: cannabis, psychedelics, nootropics. 

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Gwella Launches Mushroom-Focused Brand House & Closes Financing

Gwella Mushrooms Inc. ("Gwella"), recently announced their launch as a life sciences company and brand house with a focus on adaptogenic, medicinal and psychedelic mushrooms. Gwella is capitalizing on one of the most exciting trends of 2020: the emergence of the functional mushroom market; which is estimated to be a $30B (CAD) market, globally. The trend is generating substantial traction due to the shift in consumer demand for organic healthy foods and alternative therapies.

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